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The Anthropology Department at Queens College aims to give students a knowledge of human origins and development, the varieties of human cultures, and cultural and social complexities of our species. A major in Anthropology provides the necessary preparation for graduate work in the field, as well as valuable background for careers in education, international studies, medicine and allied professions, sociology, and social work, as well as for participation in community organizations. Students wishing to major in anthropology may choose between two tracks: general anthropology and pre-professional anthropology. Students must declare their intention to major in anthropology by requesting a department adviser and by completing their concentration form in consultation with the adviser. Pre-professional majors are especially encouraged to work closely with a faculty adviser. Although course requirements are designed to prevent premature undergraduate overspecialization, there is sufficient flexibility to permit a student toemphasize cultural, biological, or archaeological anthropology. The selection of elective courses in the field of interest (both from within and outside the department) should be done in consultation with a faculty adviser from the respective sub-discipline.



Congratulations to all our 2017 graduating seniors! Check out our recent department awardees and view pictures from the 2017 Department Awards ceremony here.

Thomas Plummer received numerous prestigious grants, including from the Leakey Foundation and Wenner Gren-Foundation, to excavate 2.6 million year-old Oldowan sites in Nyayanga, Kenya. For more information, click here.

QC Anthropology student, Gabriela Zygadlo, who was awarded the "Most Promising Student" award at a department awards ceremony this past spring, has also been awarded the prestigious Brownstein-McDermott scholarship.

Wondering what you can accomplish with an anthropology major? Read an update from QC alum, Gueorgui Milkov (Class of '97), who discusses his career trajectory after graduating with joint major in anthropology and journalism.

Kate Pechenkina's research presenting the bioarchaeological evidence for the rise of male biased inequality in preimperial China has recently been published in PNAS. This research has been featured in Scientific American, IFLScience!, ArchaeologyNewsNetwork, and most recently in the Boston Globe. For more information, click here.